We are a European investment company Premiot Group. We provide comprehensive services for investors and offer investment products with a yield of 6 to 12% p.a.

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Corporate bonds
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Invest in corporate bonds with approved prospectus from the Czech National Bank.
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European Investment Funds
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Multiply your investments with a team of professional managers.
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Individual investments
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Investment advice of the highest level and individual selection of a reliable portfolio.
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Additional services
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We provide a range of additional services: opening a bank account in the EU, supporting and developing business in the EU, citizenship or a residence permit in exchange for real estate purchase
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We provide comprehensive services for investors around the world. We offer personal service and customized solutions. In our work, we rely on many years of practical experience in the field of investment management in Europe.
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Why is your company issuing bonds?
We are convinced that real estate and private equity presents interesting and at that same time safe investment possibilities, not only for us, but also for investors. For Premiot Group, bonds are an effective tool for funding current projects and support further development of their business cycle. They can be secured or unsecured, and you can decide what priority they take over other debts.
Many companies that possess capital, but require significant funds on further development, use corporate bonds to finance their activities.

Corporate bonds are used by many companies to raise funding for large-scale projects — such as business expansion, takeovers, building of new premises, or product development. They can be used to replace bank finance, or to provide long-term working capital. Compared to others types of investment (banking loans, leasing) bonds provide the below advantages:
  • The bond market can attract long term investments for longer time periods. For companies, this is especially important for the viability of long-term projects with great temporary cycle.
  • Bonds are a more stable and predictable tool for business. At release, bonds outlay all conditions – covenants and terms until maturity.
  • Bank loans entail administrative load (registration and statements). Bonds offer the most effective financing solution for companies that are growing, and bond investors may take advantage of this growth.
How do you finance projects?
Our financing strategy composites funds from investors, our own capital and bank loans. For each investment we allocate investors’ funds at the amount of 15-25 percent of total investment, we deploy own capital of up to 25 percent and the remaining funds invested come from secured bank loans. We have a balanced credit portfolio, which secures stable monetary streams from current projects and income generating real estate.

Thanks to our composite funds we can guarantee maximum level of security and as financial institutions contribute essential percentage of funds into our projects, transparent financing is a fundamental element of our way of doing business.
How do you select the projects you invest in?
Apart from development projects in the field real estate, Premiot Group is engaged in investments in medium and large companies in various industries (private equity). Our strategy is based on a conservative approach, focusing on industry, time and geographic diversification to ensure long-term and stable growth of our portfolio. All investment projects are always carefully checked by our team of experts to ensure a return on investment. Thanks to careful preparation, we limit most investment risks and provide investors with a stable fixed income.

Our main rule is risk diversification and a clear exit strategy (exit strategy — a pre-thought-out business development plan aimed at withdrawing investments from the project at the time of its maximum capitalization).

How we diversify investment capital:
  • Geographic location: our projects located in the Czech Republic, Hungary , Slovakia , Greece and others countries.
  • Industry and typical diversification: Residential and commercial real estate, Land development, IT, Biotechnology, Mining and Processing of Minerals.Length of investment horizon: Short transactions = acquisition real estate (or SPV company) + creation of additional cost = short sale . Such a project is reconstruction of the villa "Na Doubkove".
  • Long term transactions = acquisition or construction real estate for delivery in the long term rent (e.g. project reconstruction hotel Harrachov ); investment in control package shares medium and large companies in fast growing and promising industries (e.g. project Premiot Biotechnology ).
Where is your company's office located?
We will be glad to see you in one of our official representative offices in the CIS or in one of the 5 branches in Europe. Premiot Group offices are located in major European cities: London, Budapest, Bratislava and Athens. The head office of the Premiot Group is located in Prague, Czech Republic. You can get more detailed information and sign up for a free consultation on the Contacts page.
How is the investment process going?
Regardless from your plans, it is very important not make the wrong choice of investment tool, to take into account all risks and properly calculate profitability of the investment . Making the process convenient and transparent is a key task for us. Our specialists will provide to you the most complete and up to date information and help you easily choose the right project in order to achieve your goals. Sign up on the free consultation now and check it out for yourself.

If you are looking to invest in bonds, we help you take the first step with the outmost comfort.

The process is outlined in a few simple steps:
  • Together with our specialist fill in and submit form order in the online account all necessary details and amount desired investment. Treaty automatically generated in the system and sent to you and the administrator on the mail.
  • Check correctness data and sign subscription agreement.
  • Complete payment in the specified sum on the bank check issuer specified in the agreement.
  • After when payment enlisted on the check issuer, you get all documents and valuables papers in the allotted deadline.
Do you provide any guarantees?
Any investments carry certain risks, and our duty is to inform about this openly. Our main responsibility is not simply to provide investment services, but also to provide clients with expertise by professional managers, to minimize risks and help with making the right choice in long-term investments, not requiring active management, and giving stable result. Behind all the hard work, we have created an efficient strategy on ensuring security of your investment.

Investment in bonds:
  • Fixed rate: A bond’s interest rate does not change during the bond’s maturity period. Compared to shares, bonds provide a secured income known in advance and as such they are a less risky investment.
  • Liquidity: bonds can be quickly turned into money using a guaranteed offer - the possibility of demanding early redemption of bonds by our company.
  • Additional service: investment from €20.000 and above (i.e., purchase of 10 or more bonds) is secured by Premiot Group. In the rare event that the issuing company cannot pay back the principle, all losses on treaty are reimbursed by us.
  • Reliable issuers: The companies we cooperate with release bonds since 2016. We, at Premiot Group are described by impeccable financial reputation and responsibility to our investors. Premiot Group has never delayed coupon payments to bond holders.
  • We strongly believe in all projects that we offer to our customers, that’s why we invest in them our own capital as well.

Investment in funds:
  • Collective investments, bear less risk than straight investing in stocks thanks to diversification (distribution of risk).
  • Providing a return of at least 6.3% per annum, even in the case of fund’s loss. Minimum income is ensured through redistribution of stock capital from owner’s profitable investment shares (founders fund) in favor of owner’s priority investment shares (external investors).
  • Only secondary participation in the fund's losses: the loss is compensated primarily by the fund's own capital.
  • Professional management and audit: The Czech National bank carries out supervision on the above fund, investment company and the depositary bank, while also requesting regular reports. Mandatory annual audit is performed by a professional consulting company that controls accounting standards and compliance rules used by the fund. The fund manager is AVANT, the leading investment fund for qualified investors in the Czech Republic with assets under management at 67 billion crowns.
What are the benefits working with Premiot Group?
  • By investing in key projects, we always give preference to our long-term investors. At sale of residential real estate, we give possibility to our partners, for example, to purchase or rent the real estate on reduced price.
  • For comfortable implementation of your investment plans, we offer a wide range of additional services: opening of bank account, registration of business in the EU, investments in real estate with the aim of receiving kind on the residence. We offer professional service for our clients and cooperation only with verified partners.
  • Yet one important advantage of working with our company – personal approach to every client. For example, open to discuss comfortable terms, besides the standard terms prescribed in the contract. For us every client is our partner. The growth of our company directly depends on our clients. That's why we strive to build long and trusting relations with our investors.
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