Multiply your investments with a team of professional managers.

Investment founds

From 6.3% per annum yield in EUR
1 million CZK – minimum investment amount
4 years — recommended investment horizon
Depositary verification management
6.3% per annum even in the case of a decrease in the profit and loss of the fund
Priority investment shares.
Professional and extensive experience of the fund representatives.
Into a real values ​​with the potential for stable growth and greater portfolio diversification.
Holders of priority investment shares are exempt from income tax on the repurchase of investment shares after 3 years.
of the fund's assets, supervision by the Czech National Bank
Benefits of investing in investment funds
The guarantee is provided by redistribution of fund capital: from holders of income investment shares to holders of preferred investment shares (PIA) up to the full amount of fund capital.
Preferential right to participate in the distribution of the fund's profit (in comparison with the founders of the fund-holders of profitable investment shares) up to 6% per annum. If the fund's profit exceeds the guaranteed 6.3% per annum, then this excess profit will be paid to the holders of priority investment shares in full.
The Czech National Bank supervises the activities of the fund, investment company and depositary bank, requests regular reports. The statutory audit of the fund is carried out annually by the professional consulting company APOGEO Audit, s.r.o., which controls the accounting and compliance with the rules when managing the fund's assets. The administrator and asset manager of the fund is AVANT, the leader of investment funds for qualified investors in the Czech Republic. The amount of assets under management of the company is 67 billion czk
Into a real values ​​with the potential for stable growth and greater portfolio diversification.Our funds are allow anyone to invest as a professional investor. All investment objects undergo rigorous selection, as well as legal and technical verification, which minimizes risks and guarantees the cleanliness of the object. A high level of portfolio diversification is ensured by distributing the fund's investments in many objects on territories of different countries.
We offer an alternative way to diversify investments
We use the advantages of structuring projects through SICAV investment funds and investing in them. The company manages funds for qualified investors of various categories, including:
Property investment fund and development projects in Czech Republic and EU
Realitní podfond PREMIOT I
Mining & Resources, podfond PREMIOT II
Investment fund in mining and manufacturing companies in Czech Republic and EU.
Biotechnology, podfond PREMIOT III
A private equity fund in biotechnology companies.
The investment goal of the fund is a constant increase in the value of the fund's shares acquired by investors, primarily through direct or indirect investments in real estate, biotechnology, and manufacturing companies. The fund's return on investment comes from capital gains, dividends and interest.
We invest together with our partners — the founders of the fund are its shareholders in Premiot Group
How the investment process works
What is the SICAV Fund?
A SICAV is a collective investment scheme common in Western Europe. SICAV is an acronym in French for société d'investissement à capital variable, which can be translated as 'investment company with variable capital'. As in the case of other open-end collective investment schemes (such as contractual funds), the investor is in principle entitled at all times to request the redemption of his units and payment of the redemption amount in cash.
About the investment process
Every investment project must undergo a feasibility study before implementation, which is carried out by the risk management experts of the investment company, then the investment project is considered by the investment committee of the fund, which makes the final conclusion; The director of the fund's asset management investment company checks whether the intention is in line with the fund's investment strategy and approves its implementation.
How is the purchase going?
The purchase of each object is carried out at the expense of the funds of many investors, which allows even with a small capital to gain access to an asset class previously only available to a narrow circle of wealthy people. Premiot Group takes care of all the search, analysis and management of objects
Our top priority
is profit guarantee
The value of your investment will increase by at least 6.3% per annum
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