International investment consultation and individual approach of managment portfolio

Private investment

Individual yield in EUR
Individual — minimum investment amount
Individual — recommended investment horizon
Private Equity, Alternative Investment, OTC funds, venture imvestment and start-up
Our business is based on reliability and trust. We care about your privacy
For customers requiring service in Europe, there are offices in Prague, London, Budapest, Bratislava and Athens.
A variety of instruments in different currencies for any investment purpose
Benefits of private investment
We offer personal service in the field of investment in demand with consumption available to a simple retail investor. Through public relations, we offer access to investments in non-listed companies through private or joint venture investments
A wide range of financial instruments allows you to create the right asset structure depending on your goals and create an individual investment portfolio. In addition to this, we are always ready to advise you on a wide range of non-financial services — real estate transactions, tax and legal advice.
In cooperation with our reliable partners, we provide legal advice, tax planning tools and maintain the confidentiality of any information provided and received from you.
We will be glad to see you in one of our 5 branches in Europe. Premiot Group offices are located in major European cities: London, Budapest, Bratislava and Athens. The head office of company Premiot Group is located in Prague, Czech Republic.
Premiot Group — your reliable partner in wealth management
We have all the necessary resources and infrastructure to manage investments at the highest level. Your personal and financial goals are the starting point of our partnership, and their achievement is the main criterion for success.
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